Course Overview

Infants and toddlers thrive in relationships that feel safe and secure. Knowing a child’s temperament style can help caregivers understand every child’s unique differences and the way in which each child needs to be cared for. This course will explore how knowing a child’s temperament and being an external or co-regulator helps children thrive from birth.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to find the 9 temperament traits online.
  • Understand how children of varying temperaments respond to the caregiving environment.
  • Understand the terms co-regulation and verbiage used to differentiate from self-regulation.
  • Explain why co-regulation is important for young children’s development.
  • Provide examples of the emerging regulatory capacities of infants and toddlers.
  • Describe how caregivers can support the development of self-regulation through co-regulation.

Endorsement Approved Competencies:

  • relationship-based practice
  • infant/young child development & behavior
  • infant/young child & family-centered practice

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