Course Overview

The term “ethics of care” may seem intimidating and objective, but what does it really mean to provide ethical care? How does implementing this impact the work that we do with infants and young children? And, how does it impact their development? A supportive caring provider influences the development of important capabilities in children, including greater social competence, fewer behavior problems, and enhanced thinking and reasoning skills at school age. This training will present professionals with insight to provide ethics of care in their practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Attendees will understand/learn the basic concepts of ethics of care.
  • Attendees will identify ethical care characteristics in early childhood practices.
  • Attendees will reflect on their practice throughout their work with infants/young children and families to understand own emotional response to infant/family work.

Approved Endorsement Competencies

  • self-awareness
  • infant/young child development & behavior
  • responding with empathy

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